Finance Committee
Treasurer/Chair – Kevin Tullier, Veris Consulting

2018 Annual Report

 Income Statement Report:

• 2018 Budget projected a loss of $14K for the year
• After 10 months, current estimate for 2018 is a loss of $14K
• Preliminary estimate for 2019 budget, another $14K loss
• Very little discretionary expenses

Major Positive for Year:
• Resolution Workshop
o Registrations were close to expected
o Expenses lower than budgeted
o Net positive of $27K to income
o At October 31 we show loss of $1K
o Not all revenue has been received
o Expected result is break even or slight positive

Challenge for 2019
• Membership
• Need another good turnout for the Resolution Workshop
• Very little discretionary expenses; need to generate revenue
• To succeed, need all members to be active