IAIR Designation Programs

IAIR serves as a credentialing organization for professionals who work on the resolution of troubled insurance companies. Effective January 1, 2020, IAIR updated its designation program to provide two levels of designations: Accredited Insurance Resolutions Director (“AIRD”) and Certified Insurance Resolutions Directors (“CIRD”). The designation program is open to all IAIR members in good standing. The IAIR designation program targets all of the core functions in a resolution and makes it possible for an insurance commissioner or other state regulatory official to retain an expert with tested knowledge and experience to assist with a resolution. The ability to select from a group of qualified candidates is essential in light of the potential for personal responsibility of the insurance regulatory official.

The AIRD designation signifies that the holder of that designation has demonstrated broad knowledge of insurance resolutions and the tools available to insurance regulators to resolve troubled company situations. The AIRD designation is awarded upon achieving a passing score on the AIRD examination.

The CIRD designation is offered in specific specialty areas of insurance resolutions including: accounting and financial reporting, actuarial, claims and guaranty associations, information technology, legal, reinsurance, and resolution management. Individuals may apply for more than one type of CIRD designation. A successful applicant for a CIRD designation must have experience in the specialty or specialties, achieve a passing score on the selected CIRD examination(s) and demonstrate working knowledge of those areas in an interview with a panel from the IAIR Ethics Committee.

The AIRD examination and CIRD examinations are drawn from a bank of questions and consist of both multiple choice and true or false questions. Designation examinations are offered in conjunction with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“NAIC”) national meetings, and at other IAIR events, or under other arrangements as determined by the IAIR Ethics Committee.

Before applying for a designation, review the specific designation requirements. See below for the designation requirements.

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