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IAIR was founded in 1991 to provide persons involved with insurance receiverships and financially stressed or troubled insurers a forum to exchange information, develop best practices, establish and maintain accreditation standards, and educate its members and others concerning the administration and restructuring of such insurers. IAIR's mission includes:

  • To assemble individuals interested in the affairs of insurers which are financially stressed or troubled or are in need of restructuring or in receiverships;
  • To establish ethical and professional standards in the conduct of the affairs of such insurers;
  • To provide to its members professional education relevant to such pursuits; and
  • To recognize, through accreditation, the attainment by its members of expertise and proficiency in such pursuits.

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NAIC Spring 2015 National Meeting in Phoenix, AZ

Join IAIR at the NAIC Spring 2015 National Meeting March 28-31, 2015 at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix. Don't miss IAIR's Issues Forum on Sunday March 29, 2015 from 1:30 -5:00 p.m, followed by a Reception from 5:00-6:00 p.m. IAIR Committee meetings will take place on Saturday March 28, 2015.   Click here for the IAIR Agenda.


NAIC Meeting Agenda (final 3/10/15)
NAIC advance registration is now closed (you may still register onsite).  For more information regarding the NAIC meeting and registration, click here.
Phoenix Visitor Information

 What's Happening in IAIR in 2015? 

From the 2015 Insurance (In)solvency Workshop:  The 'Ethic' of Getting Up to Speed 'Technologically'', by presenters Joel Cohen and James Bernard, 
The January 2015 President's Message is available now.
The View From Washington by Daniel F. Lightfoot  - providing a summary of legistlative and regulatory activity at the close of 2014.
From the 2014 Fall Issues Forum:  Resolution Planning: New Developments and Insurance Perspectives on Living Wills








 IAIR seeking NAIC support for Professional Designation

IAIR is exploring the development of a certification program for a new professional designation for receivers of troubled insurance companies. In furtherance of this effort, IAIR submitted a memorandum to the NAIC’s Internal Administration (EX 1) Subcommittee that discusses the program, its advantages and details IAIR's request for financial assistance from the NAIC. You can read more about IAIR's request here.  Read IAIR President Bart Boles article, "A Designation Destination," discussing IAIR's educational mission and how the proposed new designation furthers that goal.